About Royal Thai Gourmet

Thailand is well known for the quality and multitude of flavors associated with the varieties of food which comprise the national cuisine. Many of the spices, herbs, plants, fruits and vegetables which form the base of Thai food originated in Southeast Asia. But it should also be understood that from the early days of trade from country to country and continent to continent - any taste which originated in another part of the world and which would fit in with the flavor profile of Thai foods would be adopted by the creative cooks responsible for preparing the meals of the royal households. Limes, chili peppers and turmeric are just a few of the tastes which may have originated in another land but are now an inherent part of Thai cuisine.

Thai food is the subject of great national pride. Along with this pride of purpose comes a sense of responsibility. Anyone who prepares a Thai dish will be judged by the manner in which he/she follows the historical standards of Thai recipes. Recipes have become treasured documents of both royal history as well as family history. While there might be some taste deviation based upon individual preference, it is the adherence to the Thai recipe which forms the basis for quality preparation.

The best chefs in the land are often those who have become artfully skilled in the selection and complex use of the best ingredients - those historical to Thailand and those which have been adopted from other countries.

Each day the chefs at the best restaurants in Bangkok as well as the cooks within each household, visit the wet and dry markets to purchase the freshest and tastiest ingredients for each meal. This is a laborious, but necessary task to insure that the quality of prepared food is consistent from day to day.The subtle flavor of coconut milk, the spicy tang of Thai peppers, the complex spices within curry--all melded together by skilled hands following the best of all possible recipes--results in the expectation of a great taste. Consistency is important to each Thai chef. It is this consistency which creates a continuous presumption of flavor and taste.

Royal Thai Gourmet has been designed according to traditional Thai food preparation standards--standards which were originally established for the royal households but are now available to the customer of Royal Thai Gourmet.

The new products which are featured on this website have been prepared according to the highest standards associated with Royal Thai Gourmet recipes. Skilled Thai chefs, using only the finest ingredients have complied with the precise requirements of each recipe to create a taste appreciated by the experienced Thai food consumer, as well as the cautious beginner.