Our Story

Royal Thai Gourmet is the youthful inspiration of Ranakorn Sivaprthomchai. In Thailand many people have been blessed with long names that are often difficult to pronounce. The name Ranakorn Sivaprathomchai provided teachers in Thailand and in the US with tongue twisting challenges. For reasons which are consequently obvious, his parents provided him with the nickname, Gott, which is now his informal means of reference.

Gott’s inspiration to deliver high quality Thai food to both the sophisticated and the novice palate occurred many years ago when he began learning about the complexities of Thai cooking. Gott understood the demands of the cook and the delicate balance required of all ingredients in order to form a meal which to the consumer appear simple, yet must reflect an intricate presentation. How do the complex tastes of multiple ingredients combine to create a unique yet essential flavor? Is the freshness of herbs and spices that important to the final product? What happens if the balance of salty, sour, sweet and spicy is off? How long can a fresh cooked Thai meal wait to be consumed before it begins to lose its flavor quality? Questioning the basics of Thai cooking methods...experimenting with different flavor combinations...and sampling the food of thousands of Thai cooks, represented Gott’s learning profile and prepared him for his present role.

Gott was raised in Thailand and received the early years of formal education in Bangkok. His family was large and well connected with the burgeoning food industry within the city. His grandmother, had a friend who was responsible for the operation of the kitchen in the Thai Royal Palace. Through her, Gott gained access to treasured recipes and cooking techniques previously reserved for only the elite in Thai society. The proper portions and specific handling of spices, herbs, and other ingredients in coordination with cooking temperatures, times and even the table presentation associated with Royal cuisine, was a major part of Gott’s daily dining experience. Of course as a youngster Gott also enjoyed the traditional combinations of street food cooked by the many talented food vendors found on every street corner in Bangkok..but nothing ever compared to the delights which came from his family’s kitchen which were blessed by his grandmother’s special touch.

Royal Thai Gourmet delivering the highest quality Thai food to the consuming public has been Gott’s occupational passion. The product which is now on the market - the preeminent individualized Thai meal available in the frozen food market- -is the consequence of Gott’s skills as the physical translator of time-honored recipes coupled with his studiously-earned expertise producing distinctive Thai tastes.